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In existence since 1755, The Union Library Company of Hatborough is the second oldest library still operating under its original charter in the state of Pennsylvania.

In August, 1755, Joshua Potts, Charles Beatty, John Lukens and Joseph Hart met with other interested local citizens at the Crooked Billet Tavern. Thirty- eight men signed an ‘Instrument of Partnership’ bringing into existence “The Union Library Company of Hatborough”. Each member agreed to an annual donation of ten shillings to be used for the purchase of books and by August 1756, the first shipment of fifty-nine books arrived from England. Some of these original books are still in the library’s possession.

In 1848, Nathan Holt, one of the oldest Company members, died. In his will, Mr. Holt bequeathed $5,000 to the Library Company with the provision that $2,000 was to be used to purchase books. Three thousand dollars was used to purchase a lot and build a permanent library structure. The Greek Revival style building was completed in 1850 at what is now 243 South YorkRoad.

On May 8, 1978, the building was placed on the State Registry of Historical Buildings. On November 27, 1979 it was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Board Members

Suzanne Rush

1st Vice President
LuAnn Kline

2nd Vice President
Karen Kearns


Katrina Nuss

Susan Friedman

Borough Representative
Michele Johnson

Borough Representative
Muriel O’Neill

Advisory Board Members
Art Friedman

Marilyn Harris

John Leven

David Rowland

Nancy Szamborski

Emeritus Board
Frank Jarrett

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Library Director
Michael Celec

Library Assistant
Sharita F.

Library Assistant
Rob F.

Children’s Library Assistant
Jim M.

Library Assistant
Kelly R.

Library Assistant
Maria Z.


Mission Statement

The mission of the Union Library Company of Hatborough is to provide all the members of its community and serviced areas with access to materials that will fulfill their cultural, informational, educational, recreational and technological needs.