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Library Computers

Seven Computers ( 5 designated for adult use/2 for children).

AWE (Early Literacy Station) (Ages 2-8)

2 Chrome Books (available for patron loan)

2 Kindle Fires (available for patron loan)

All computers may be used on a first-come, first-served basis. Each user is limited to 30 minutes when others are waiting. First time users are required to read and sign our Internet Policy.


The Union Library is pleased to offer the convenience of free wireless Internet access. With our “WiFi” network up and running, you no longer have to sign up for time at a public computer station. If you have a laptop or tablet, you may bring it in and surf the Web for free.

The library network does not require a password to authenticate. We have tried to make the process of logging onto our network as simple as possible to get you up and running more quickly!

Every computer and set up is different. Library staff members are not able to provide technical assistance for configuring your device to enable it to connect to the wireless network, and no guarantee can be made that you will be able to make a wireless connection.

Staff Assistance

The Library cannot guarantee that Internet-trained staff will be available to all users at all times. Time permitting, as with any other information request, staff will try to answer specific questions, offer suggestions for effective searching, provide information about available training opportunities and assist in locating books, source material and manuals about the Internet.

Printing and Copying

  • The cost of printing from the computer is $0.20 per page.
  • The cost of photocopying is $0.20 per page.
  • The library is only able to provide black and white printing/copying.
  • Wireless printing is not available at this time. To print, WiFi users must save files to a USB flash drive, cloud storage, or e-mail, and then log on to a library computer.
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